Itree believes in the process of searching for the true essence of the individual towards self-knowledge and therefore in its methodology it intersects Medical Astrology and Alchemical as tactics to identify potential and challenges, Dharma and Yin Yoga to connect individual truth with collective and universal purposes, Floral Alchemicals as a compass that directs you to the path of healing and Conscious Eating as a source of nutrition for the body. In this way, it harmonizes and integrates the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional fields, through a look customized to your lifestyle.

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is one of the layers that the knowledge of Astrology has, in this aspect there is the possibility of identifying organs and areas of the body structure prone to challenges related to health. With the date, time and city of birth, the natal chart is made and the position of each sign in the houses, aspects between planets and how this situation impacts on their existence is read, through research on the movements of the cosmic structure and the relationship with each Being. In this way, the therapist is able to carry out an in-depth and customized assessment to guide and accompany you with warmth and respect, relating health to subjective processes, which makes it possible to find ways and tools to strengthen your organism, from a journey of activation of consciousness and transformation of habits that give access to produce through your body the improvement of the present state.

Alchemical astrology

Alchemical Astrology is the branch of astrology based on the principles of alchemy, which are applied in the reading and interpretation of natal charts. Astrological houses, planets and signs are related to the components of the tree of life, the three substances, chakras and the 4 elements. Unlike consulting an astrologer, when you visit an Alchemist therapist, she interprets your natal chart and recommends alchemical flower essences that will help you transform areas or aspects that are blocked in your chart and act as challenges in your life.

Alchemical Florals

The Alchemical Floral system created by Joel Aleixo extracts the essence of flowers from the principles of ancient alchemy and works in the search for well-being, spiritual, emotional and physical balance, which enable working potentially Being, through self-knowledge.
Alchemical Florals operate in a subtle and profound way to unblock energy imbalances triggered by bad habits, stress, trauma and unconscious conditioning, it is also the only methodology that, in addition to flowers, manipulates minerals from herbs, oils, stones and crystals. The system consists of 400 essences that the laboratory delivers exclusively to therapists able to carry out work in line with the proposal of the alchemical line.

Conscious Feeding

Conscious eating consists of materializing, during your developmental journey, practices that take into account behavioral and affective aspects related to food intake. Realizing food as an ancestral technology allows you to enter the social, cultural meaning and sustainable production of food, a concept that generates total connection with the cure from food, helps you to be more aware of the foods eaten and use them as medicine on the way healing, whose purpose is to harmonize the challenges your body faces, seeking to improve healthy eating habits according to the symptoms and bio-individuality of each one.


Cerrado Florals

The Cerrado Mineral Flower Essences have been developed since 2000 in Chapada dos Veadeiros-GO, Central Plateau of Brazil. A place where you can find a diverse range of springs and waterfalls that spread throughout the region. Chapada Dos Veadeiros concentrates high luminosity and a large amount of quartz crystals, in addition to an extraordinary flora. The Cerrado Mineral Florals are delicately prepared with the region’s wild flowers, spring water, crystals extracted directly from its mines and with high frequency of love. As it is a special region with a high healing capacity, where we find the oldest and most modern species on the planet, the essences contain the same frequency and healing characteristics of the place, such as the expansion of consciousness and activation of the heart. The essences act in deep and subtle changes that are processed in the mental, emotional and spiritual fields of beings, promoting and facilitating contact with the Divine Essence. The Cerrado Mineral Florals are drops of awareness, love, harmony, peace, tranquility, hope, truth and comfort. They seek to re-establish and bring a new vision and a new state of Being, expanding consciousness and transforming the vision of human beings on the planet. It refers to a state more integrated to our true nature. For 40 years, Claudia do Valle Gonçalves, producer, researcher and creator of subtle essences, has been developing studies and vibrational experiences based on nature. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a style of slow paced yoga like exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time than other styles. The pose sequences are intended to stimulate the subtle body channels known as meridians in Chinese medicine and as nadis in Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga postures apply moderate stress to the body’s connective tissues – the tendons, fascia and ligaments – in order to increase circulation to the joints and improve flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, its goals are awareness of inner silence and bringing to light a universal quality of interconnectedness.
Yin postures are primarily passive in nature and held anywhere from one minute to well over five minutes to target the body’s connective tissues rather than muscle groups. Sounds relatively easy, right? Maybe not. Maintaining the yin postures often requires some physical effort, but it’s the mental work of holding on for a long time that is often the real challenge.
By slowly carrying various types of connective tissue with weight and maintaining long static supports, Yin Yoga aims to train the muscular fascia to become more flexible and the ligaments that support the joints to become stronger. This makes room for our muscles to stretch further in yang practices and our joints to safely enjoy a greater range of mobility during our daily movements.
And regular yin practice can make it physically easier for us to sit comfortably for long periods of time—so much for meditation!
Yin Yoga was founded in the late 1970s by martial arts expert and yoga teacher Paulie Zink Taoist yoga. Yin Yoga is taught throughout North America and Europe, encouraged by its teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. As taught by Grilley and Powers, it is not intended to be a complete practice in itself, but rather as an adjunct to more active forms of yoga and exercise. However, Zink’s approach includes the full range of Taoist yoga, both yin and conventional.

Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga is named after Sri Dharma Mittra, a classical master of Hatha-Raja Yoga, born in 1939, who devoted fifty years of his life to the direct experience and dissemination of Yoga as a sacred science. Dharma Mittra learned from Sri Swami Kailashananda, meaning Yogi Gupta, who was one of the great sages of modern India and a complete master of all nine forms of yoga: Hatha, Raja, Kriya, Jnana, Japa, Yantra, Laya, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga. Sri Dharma Mittra spent over a decade studying with his Guru, three years of which were spent as his Guru’s personal assistant.
Dharma Yoga is rooted in all nine forms of yoga mentioned above, but in essence it is a system of classical Hatha-Raja Yoga. It focuses on the eight petals of Yoga of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga system and emphasizes the Yamas and Niyamas.
Some of Dharma Mittra’s teachings for achieving “Self-realization” include giving up the flesh, trusting in reincarnation, and making every action an offering to God. Asana, the physical limb of yoga – is part of a process that the Dharma calls “divine cleansing”. The postures tone the body and prepare for sitting meditation. The Dharma recommends that students daily reflect on questions such as these: Who am I? Why does everything die? Is something eternal? Why do some people suffer? Why are some born in privilege and others in poverty? Is there reincarnation? Is there karma? When the body and mind are cleansed, the answers will reveal themselves, he says. “I don’t encourage people to do extravagant poses. They’re not that important,” he said. “The purpose of yoga is self-actualization: discovering who you are, why you are here, who God is.
According to Sri Dharma Mittra, the practice of asana is to bring “radiant health”, physical strength and to become free from all illnesses. Stimulate the glands and allow us to access the astral body, concentrating on specific points in the body. They cleanse the body and help to calm the mind. But asanas are just a preparation for meditation.
Dharma Yoga is a devotional practice.



Raica Oliveira

I’m Raica Oliveira, I was born in Brazil in the city of Niterói, I had the opportunity to grow up in a spiritual family, where since I was little I learned the importance of taking care of my body and my psychological health. I started my career as a professional model when I was still a teenager and for 20 years my routine in this job allowed me to travel to several countries and get to know different cultures.

In the desire to deepen my knowledge about care practices and spiritual alignment, I started a deep journey of studies that led me to develop Itree. I graduated as a yoga instructor at Dharma Yoga New York Center with renowned master Dharma Mittra, recognized as the “Teacher of Teachers” with over 50 years of experience. I also deepened my studies with Sivananda, Yin yoga with Bernie Clark and The Yoga People, as well as studying Rocket Yoga with the methodology developed by David Kyle.

Through my curiosity to find out more about other possibilities of awakening consciousness and the quest for self-knowledge, I learned to handle alchemical florals. At the Alchemy School EDALC Joel Aleixo I graduated as an alchemical therapist. In my holistic studies I was able to discover more about the ancestral knowledge of astrology, a technology that allows us to identify the challenges and potential in the individual healing process.

To complement this, I sought Holistic Nutrition, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which allowed me to develop a deep look at nutrition as a tactic to offer the body tools to maintain its health.

Since then I have been striving to improve my knowledge and seeking to deepen this continuous process which is the search for physical and spiritual balance, in order to help other people who also wish to dive into the particular infinity about themselves.

From these experiences I founded Itree, a unique methodology that intersects creativity, alchemical florals, yoga practice, medical and alchemical astrology and changing eating habits as a path to personal transformation.

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