The Matrix Treatise by Paracelsus 1566

"Women are themselves a private world whose reality must not be lost sight of at any time." "Women can suffer from the same diseases as men, but their manifestations will always have a different particularity that corresponds to their differentiated monarchy." "The reality of the female body [...]

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Water is the foundation of life. It is essential for our health and also for the health of the planet, which is over 70% water. Its cleansing and moisturizing properties aid in everything from helping plants grow to aiding digestion. It's no surprise that the amount of [...]


The four elements

Water, fire, air and earth - are known as the four elements. They have had special meaning throughout history and have allowed our ancestors to begin to explore complex physical and energetic phenomena. Of course, we now know that there are hundreds of elements, but originally, water, [...]

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