You can strengthen a specific chakra by eating the foods and supplements energetically associated with it, as long as you’re not allergic to those foods and don’t go to extremes. All foods carry frequency-based messages and have the ability to change our vibration in accordance with the principles of spiritual nutrition. Later, you’ll find examples of chakra-based foods and supplements and the energy messages they provide.

In alignment with the principles of spiritual nutrition, every food we eat has a vibration that affects us on an energetic-chakric level as well. This 12-chakra diagram in combination with the guide below can help you tune in to the subtle spiritual energies of food. diagram of: the subtle body: an encyclopedia of its energetic anatomy by cyndi dale


Spiritual nutrition: eating to nourish the chakras


Root chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra helps you to gain a feeling of tranquility in all situations. The feeling of home you have on Earth is controlled by this chakra; it makes you feel safe. When this chakra is not active, you feel insecure, nervous and scared. When overly active, this chakra makes you want to be more secure, increasing ownership of things that give you a sense of security.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Red foods, beets, grapes, strawberries and cherries

Spiritual Message:You deserve to be alive, safe, strong and in love.


Splenic Chakra

Located in the abdomen area, the sacral chakra controls feelings of pleasure and sexuality. When active, you can be more intimate with yourself and others. He controls his passion for sex, abundance, pleasure and understanding by moving on. When inactive, you feel disconnected and emotionless. It feels surreal to feel anything, as if nothing has any meaning. When overly active, you feel emotionally exaggerated. You’ve probably met people who get emotional very quickly; this is due to the overactive sacral chakra.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Orange food, eat yams, sweet potatoes, papaya and wheat.

Spiritual Message:Your feelings are good, desired and desirable.


Umbilical Chakra

Being self-confident and in control is associated with your solar plexus chakra. It’s the source within you that generates courage and builds your confidence when you’re down. When insufficient, you feel indecisive and making decisions becomes a tedious and never-ending task for you. However, when too active, you become arrogant and want to become the dominant person in your group. Your entire personality depends on this chakra, and knowing how to control it is a huge advantage over what people might think of you.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Yellow foods, especially corn, also grapefruit and squash

Spiritual message: You deserve success. You are smart. You can learn what you need to know.


Heart chakra

The heart chakra controls love, kindness, affection, and your ability to interact socially with people. Located in the center of the body, it controls all your emotions. When open, you work in harmony and your nature is very friendly. Your friends and colleagues find you a very compassionate person. However, when inactive, the heart closes and does not allow anyone to enter. In this way, you have the feeling of being what people call a “heart of stone” person. You don’t trust anyone and you’re not successful in carrying on conversations.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Green Foods like Vegetables and Sauces

Spiritual Message: You are loved and lovable. You deserve healthy relationships.


Laryngeal chakra

All your skills and methods of communication are controlled by your throat chakra. How you express yourself in front of others, your writing skills, and your artistic expression are all associated with this chakra. Introverted people have their throat chakras closed. However, people who talk too much and who express their feelings easily have a functioning throat chakra. You may have come across people who talk and talk without listening to others… these people have an overactive throat chakra.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Blue foods, such as berries, as well as all spices, that stimulate the mouth

Spiritual Message: You can be honest and have integrity. You can manifest your needs. It’s safe to communicate.


Front chakra

Located in the center of the forehead, the third eye chakra it is the center of the highest faculties of the mind. As well as your intuition, your mind, your psychic abilities and your sense of direction. When this chakra opens, you feel and see beyond normal. Your visualization becomes very creative and unnatural in an unreal way. Your energy in addition to physical energy is controlled by these chakras and they help you with the decisions you need to make in your daily life. Fantasies, hallucinations and their connection to the subconscious are part of the work of the third eye.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Purple foods such as grapes and sight-inducing substances such as wine, tobacco and organic cocoa.

Spiritual message: You are acceptable as you are. You are made in the Creator’s image. You deserve to make healthy choices.


Coronary Chakra

Your spiritual practices, embracing meaning and depth, are connected through your head chakra or crown chakra. It connects your higher being to your higher chakra. Being connected to the spiritual realm and aligning with the purposes for which you were sent to Earth results in a balanced head chakra. When closed, you feel lost and disconnected from the Divine. It’s as if your life is meaningless and you have a hard time trying to connect with the angels and with God. However, when opened, you have a sense of enlightenment and it feels like your connection to the Divine is very strong. You don’t feel lost or abandoned.

Spiritual Food Fuel: White foods such as parsnips, white asparagus and fish; ceremonial substances such as wormwood (used in wormwood), kava, sage, wine and bread (as in communion);sacred herbs , including sage and lemongrass

Spiritual message: You have a unique destiny You are connected to the Divine. There is a divine destiny.


Soul star chakra

This chakra is called the “Seat of the Soul”. It is located outside the body and, when active, is connected to all 7 other chakras located inside the body. It helps you feel Divine love and connect with it. Before the Divine light falls on you and your physical being, it falls on this chakra. Consequently, all the divinity that exists within you comes from the Soul Star Chakra, which transmits it within your body. He is the source of divine light that enters your body and forms a major part of your Divine belief. You can also access Akashic records with the help of this chakra.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Black foods (carbon based), coffee, white flour and sugar; significant foods from past lives (usually the foods that trigger problems); also colloidal silver

Spiritual message: You can look to the past for guidance and power You deserve to be released from the past. You can choose a new future.


Earth Star Chakra

Center of Kundalini forces, this chakra only awakens through spiritual practices. Otherwise he is almost always asleep. But if you are a regular practitioner then this chakra can be always active. Your soul’s gifts and beliefs allow you to realize the full extent of your capacity. You may not be able to achieve this without activating the Earth Star Chakra. Therefore, you must keep practicing your spiritual beliefs to keep this chakra active and functioning. It helps the Divine light to flow through your body and soul.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Colloidal gold, bee pollen, honey; also foods that symbolize your soul

Spiritual message: You were designed for greatness.


Universal Chakra

By serving as a hotspot for the infinite flow of creation, this chakra provides a path for you to connect with the Divine light to align with the physical being of this universe. A major step in your awakening is managing this chakra for spiritual evolution. By connecting with this chakra, you feel less impacted by the energies around you and gain the ability to alter and influence the energies around you. In this way, you can reduce negative energies and fill your environment with positive energies to have high vibrational frequencies. This will make it easier for you to have the subtle mind and connect with the Divine for spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Earth Foods: Nuts, Grains, Potatoes, Herbs, Water

Spiritual message Your body is the meeting point between the Divine and nature.


Galactic Chakra

The ability to teleport, to be in two places at once, and to travel beyond the limits of time and space is associated with the Galactic Chakra. It is called the “Channel for Prophecy”. You can go anywhere and learn to communicate with the higher beings that descend on you. You can learn to heal and gain knowledge in your current existence with the help of beings from the spiritual realm. Having an active Galactic Chakra helps balance your life with the Earth and higher beings in the spiritual realm.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Vibrating substances such as homeopathic tinctures, flowers, teas and holy water.

Spiritual Message: Negativity can be transmuted into positivity.


Divine Portal Chakra

The direct connection between your inner being and the source of all energies is incomplete if your Chakra The Divine Portal is closed. This chakra provides the highest method of communication you can have with the Divine. It opens the gates for you to explore other worlds. Activating this chakra allows the blessings of the Divine to shine upon you. This is the moment of awakening from the Divine and gives you the chance to grow spiritually and advance towards spirituality.

Spiritual Food Fuel: Minerals and Vitamins; substances that benefit your unique physiology

Spiritual message: You are fully human andfully divine .


The heart of the 12-chakra system is that all beings in the world are part of a whole. Everyone is connected to the Earth and the Universe through a kind of thin cable that starts at the Earth’s roots and up through the atmosphere and outer space. It connects everything to form ONE WHOLE.

The 12 chakras allow you to access energies from beyond your body and tap into a wide variety of dimensions for human experiences.