Archetype of communication and intellectuality. It is ruled by Mercury, the communicator and intellectual.

The Splenic Chakra corresponds to House III Mercury/Gemini: of expression and communication through the body, of intelligence in practice. The area of the intellect, the human mind. Everything we learn in life with the mind will be organized by this sign. All the books we read, our inner library.
It’s a mental sign. Its element, air, is the heaviest and most solid air in the zodiac. This is a sign of motivation, while vitality is more mental than physical. The lungs and nervous system are the main parts affected.

One of the best things for people with this influence is breathing exercises so that the respiratory organs are kept in good condition. All the over-activity, worry, and mental excitement are detrimental to the nervous system, but a good amount of walking can help.

Warm clothing is important for lung protection and special care is needed in the diet, with animal foods only slightly needed.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. Builder of House 03. As the first Air sign, this air will be sulfuric. In whatever astrological house he is in, he will challenge that house to communication, intelligence and the use of intellect to manifest his archetype. Concrete mind and curiosity agitator. It represents studies, researches, exchanges and communicative art.

When this sign goes out of balance, the individual may have difficulties in learning. One of the strongest points related to this sign is the ability to relativize and understand, on the mental plane, all the faces of an issue or situation.