The greatest expression of happiness is feeling aligned with your life purpose and express your inner truth.

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    Itreology is a work of transformation personal through the self-knowledge that you will lead to a deep understanding of your body and your emotions.

    During the sessions, 3 levels will be worked: physical, emotional and spiritual.

    When these 3 dimensions are connected, we can experience balance and inner peace in addition to the feeling of being aligned with our life purpose.

    Just as an imbalance in one of these levels can lead to compensation in other sectors.

    At Itrelogia you will have the opportunity to align your physical health and discover, with conscious eating, the aid in personal development so that you can find your best version.

    In the emotional aspect, you will have support to absorb the challenges of daily life or when we go through moments of personal transition. And on a spiritual level it will help you to be in connection with your life purpose and align your intentions with this mission.

    Itrelogia is an invitation for you to have the opportunity to be face to face with you.

    Your birth chart is ours guide in this process of self knowledge.

    Reading the birth chart will help you to recognize the personal potentials to be developed and also the difficulties that are blocking your progress in your journey to find the best version of yourself.

    Through this reading you will become aware of the aspects that are in conflict in your life and what needs to be taken into account at this time.

    In this way, you will be more aware of the behaviors that are blocking your path, so you can have more autonomy over your life and your choices.

    True autonomy springs from recognizing our personal challenges. In this process of self-knowledge you will bring more light to your thoughts and naturally this will reflect in life choices more aligned with your purpose.

    True autonomy springs from the recognition of our challenges personal.


    The Itreelogia intersects 4 pillars in this search process for our true essence towards self-knowledge.

    Sol e Lua

    Reading your birth chart will help us to identify your potential and life challenges. Itreelogy is based on the knowledge of Astrology
    Physician and in Alchemical Astrology to give direction to assistance.


    Yoga has the power to connect us with our
    individual truth and for collective purposes. IT’S
    an essential element in the work of alignment
    between body, mind and spirit. In this job
    we develop the practices of Dharma Yoga and Yin


    Florals adjust our internal compass towards
    restoring our health and balance. The
    Itreelogia uses the support of the Alchemical Florals Joel
    Aleixo and the Florals of the Cerrado


    Food is the main source of nutrition for the body. Through a customized look at your lifestyle, you will develop new healthy and conscious eating habits that will contribute to the regeneration of your health

    who is it for

    Itreology is for people who are committed to its self development It's for those who want to give the next step in your self-knowledge.

    It is suitable for people who...

    feel dissatisfied why don't you feel connected to your personal purpose of life.

    Ae looking for identify your true personality and develop your potential.

    May have difficulty find one directing to your life or relationships that you fill in

    Want to have one feed more conscious, may it nurture all levels of your body.

    may have some physical imbalance specific and want if restore through healthy eating, understanding your limiting beliefs and with a deeper look For yourself.

    Want to develop your self love, cherish who you are and be fine with herself, eliminating the insecurity from comparison.

    How it works

    Service individual

    You will have dates individual with Raica and an accompaniment totally customized for you.


    There will be 6 meetings individual with Raica within a period of 3 months. That is, 2 every 15 days.


    on the first date individual let's talk about the main challenges and potentials presented in the reading from your birth chart.

    Practice of yoga

    In the second meeting of the month will be conducted a yoga practice customized for you.

    Recommendations food

    You receive dietary guidelines and change suggestion of eating habits according to your necessity.

    Revenue of florals

    You will receive the flower prescription who will support you during the Itreology, enhancing your results.

    Itrelogia is an individual and personalized service. The main feature of Itreelogia is the careful and detailed look. Each service is unique and personalized, respecting the bio-individuality and limits of each one.

    In this one-on-one conversation space you will be able to express your challenges and find a direction to restore your balance, personal power, health and life purpose.

    Itreelogia takes place in a 3-month cycle and every month you will have a new treatment designed according to your needs. Every month you will have two individual and online appointments, 1 every 15 days. In the first appointment we will approach your birth chart and find out what the objective to be worked on that month, this meeting lasts up to 2 hours. In the second call we will have a
    monitoring your transformation and a yoga practice designed especially for your purpose that month, this second meeting of the month lasts up to 1 hour.

    Every month you will receive by email the food recommendation for the period which the flower is most suitable for what is being worked on. In total there will be 6 individual and online meetings.


    Raica Oliveira

    I’m Raica Oliveira, I was born in Brazil in the city of Niterói, I had the opportunity to grow up in a spiritual family, where since I was little I learned the importance of taking care of my body and my psychological health. I started my career as a professional model when I was still a teenager and for 20 years my routine in this job allowed me to travel to several countries and get to know different cultures.

    In the desire to deepen my knowledge about care practices and spiritual alignment, I started a deep journey of studies that led me to develop Itree. I graduated as a yoga instructor at Dharma Yoga New York Center with renowned master Dharma Mittra, recognized as the “Teacher of Teachers” with over 50 years of experience. I also deepened my studies with Sivananda, Yin yoga with Bernie Clark and The Yoga People, as well as studying Rocket Yoga with the methodology developed by David Kyle.

    Through my curiosity to find out more about other possibilities of awakening consciousness and the quest for self-knowledge, I learned to handle alchemical florals. At the Alchemy School EDALC Joel Aleixo I graduated as an alchemical therapist. In my holistic studies I was able to discover more about the ancestral knowledge of astrology, a technology that allows us to identify the challenges and potential in the individual healing process.

    To complement this, I sought Holistic Nutrition, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which allowed me to develop a deep look at nutrition as a tactic to offer the body tools to maintain its health.

    Since then I have been striving to improve my knowledge and seeking to deepen this continuous process which is the search for physical and spiritual balance, in order to help other people who also wish to dive into the particular infinity about themselves.

    From these experiences I founded Itree, a unique methodology that intersects creativity, alchemical florals, yoga practice, medical and alchemical astrology and changing eating habits as a path to personal transformation.


    6 one-on-one online encounters in 3 months in which we will address:

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      We have a scholarship program for people registered in the
      cadenical. To participate in the selection process, just send a
      email to with your name, CPF and number of
      registration in the lapse program. In addition to a text counting
      a little bit of why you want to participate in Itreelogia.

      The greatest expression of happiness is feeling aligned with your life purpose and express your inner truth.

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