As many people still believe that yoga is a religion, it is nothing more than a philosophy that encourages the aspirant to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle on physical, mental and spiritual levels, I say spiritual because it also helps to carry you. to the self-knowledge by approaching their ethics and teachings that more than 5,000 years ago were written in India by the Indian sages, it is stipulated that for hours and hours in meditation this knowledge was channeled through the visions and intuitions of the sages of that time.

Previously, the physical practice of Yoga was practiced so that the aspirant could maintain himself for hours and hours in meditation in the lotus position. (sitting position with the legs crossed keeping the feet on the knee)

As time went by, the practice of Yoga was modernized and also acquiring several different styles. In the 60’s, countless masters and gurus began to migrate their knowledge to the Americas, where the movement became stronger, in view of a culture where the Capitalism and Poor Diet Yoga had a strong impact on the early practitioners to the point of completely changing their lifestyle.

To become a practically one of the first things that needs to be avoided is the consumption of meat and adopting vegetarianism, it is not an obligation but a part of this philosophy of non-violence, because it is believed that in the consumption of animals you are supporting the suffering of that animal, in Sanskrit the term used is Ahimsa, non-violence.

The practice of Yoga also helps relieve stress, as certain postures are directly linked to the relaxation of our central nervous system, stimulating glands that help in the production of several important hormones, for example the thyroid, pineal glands, pituitary, not to mention each posture is directly linked with the organs stimulating and massaging so that they are healthier and healthier, it also works on the purification of our energy channels through the breathing technique called pranayama, certain pranayama practices the air is contained for a few seconds where it helps the aspirant to concentration, to be in the present moment, which later will facilitate the meditation technique that is the jewel of Yoga, the most awaited moment, to be able to sit quietly for at least 20 minutes in a contemplative state.

So, to keep yourself young for a long time and for a high state of mind, Yoga helps you step by step to reach that state, it is one of the most advanced techniques that keep body and mind healthy.