Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Builder of House 05 of the Humeral Body. Responsible for our inner strength and our self-esteem. Our ability to dominate through leadership and inner self-confidence. In whatever house you are in, it stimulates the personality of that house. As the second fire sign, this one will be saline. It awakens personal power, pride and collective energy where we anchor our personality. Together with the sign of Gemini, it awakens sensuality and the ability to procreate.

This sign helps to build the most active personality. Remember that the signs influence all twelve basic archetypes of humanity, but this is what will organize all the people we have been in our various lifetimes and fix more of the person we will be in this lifetime. Its element is salt fire.



Have authority. Don’t be afraid to impose your real personality on others. Be firm, direct, objective, audacious, proud, loyal, sincere, clear and centralizing, without losing the salty tenderness. Feeling loved, admired and accepted. Be an example to everyone around you.



Many people think that Leos are pompous, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, they really need approval, they’re afraid they won’t get it, so they withdraw, hoping for a little appreciation, it’s important that they learn about self-approval because this is the key to the proper use of your energy. When approval comes from within, you don’t need to look outside yourself for recognition. This releases natural energy for constructive purposes.

Idealism is part of Leo, they can radiate enthusiasm for new causes and new ideas for which they have a basic respect. They are not afraid to accept responsibility. As soon as their word is given, they try to keep it. This put Leos in a managerial position, as they take responsibility seriously.

The entire life is affected by the father’s influence because the ethics learned from him are applied to every possible life situation. Some people who have been abandoned by their father or who are born into a family where the father is very old seem to have more difficulty getting in touch with themselves.

The Leonino man brings idealism to their relationship, he wants to be the king of the castle, but when things don’t go his way he tends to retreat into silence and solitude, it’s hard for him to talk about his sensitivity.

When Leo gives someone their trust, they rarely re-evaluate it, they have great loyalty to the established friendship.

A Leo woman is influenced by her father’s attitude, she needs approval for her work and needs to be treated with due respect.

A leonine will often align with the lower types of men, since she wants approval, she finds it difficult to let her mate get close to her.

Creative energy will manifest in Leos as they re-evaluate their personal ethics, examine the basis of any ethical decisions, and consider developing a code of ethics that will allow them to grow.