Retrograde Mercury and the main physical imbalances

When Mercury, ruler of twins, is retrograde the planet of reasoning, mind, and communication, the thought process appears to be more complicated; you can be elaborating too much and not getting anywhere. Some people seem to have difficulty expressing themselves and take refuge in silence. The Mercury [...]

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Gemini Archetype

Archetype of communication and intellectuality. It is ruled by Mercury, the communicator and intellectual. ⠀ The Splenic Chakra corresponds to House III Mercury/Gemini: of expression and communication through the body, of intelligence in practice. The area of the intellect, the human mind. Everything we learn in life [...]

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Cancer Archetype

This sign represents the family, the family into which we were born and which helped us to incarnate and take the first steps towards the Father's house. Water sign, dense and viscous water, sulfuric water, as it is called by Alchemy. Light: connection with the roots and [...]

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MOON – Regent Planet of Cancer

The Moon represents motherhood, our sensitive side. The volatile personality, the different temperaments that manifest themselves according to the situations that present themselves. AFTER THE SUN, THE MOON IS THE “MOST IMPORTANT” ASTRO ON YOUR MAP. SHE ALWAYS GIVES AN INDICATIVE OF THE “FAMILY” INVOLVEMENT THAT A [...]

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Virgo Archetype

For centuries it has been said that Virgo has always been too critical, too intellectual, too rational, too involved in education, too involved in finding fault with others, and they emphasize petty deals rather than focusing on the main issues. It seems to be true, these qualities [...]

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