When Mercury, ruler of twins, is retrograde the planet of reasoning, mind, and communication, the thought process appears to be more complicated; you can be elaborating too much and not getting anywhere. Some people seem to have difficulty expressing themselves and take refuge in silence. The Mercury of air that should communicate and have lightness, is silent, loses its agility.

Mercury is ruler over the brain and mind, is changeable and variable in nature, participating in the influence of that planet to which it is most intimately connected. The nervous system, tongue, speech, hands, arms and mouth are also under the influence of this planet, also the hair.

The planet Mercury plays a rather important role when it comes to disease, for, by governing the nervous system and the brain in general, it tends to produce complaints that affect those parts of the system.

The main influence has to do with the nerves, and so we find complaints like headache, neuralgia, and insomnia, arising under a stressed Mercury. Furthermore, we find lethargy, memory defects, dizziness, dizziness, convulsions and all the nervous pains that afflict these parts of the body according to the sign occupied by the planet.



Below are some imbalances related to the planet Mercury when it is in the twelve signs, this is a little deeper reading and for that you must have access to your natal chart, each sign being positioned the influence of Mercury can bring you this energy , bearing in mind that this is just a more generalized assessment and for a deeper case study a full reading should be done.


Following are the influences of Mercury (according to medical astrology) in each sign:


ARIES: Headaches, facial neuralgia, insomnia, and nervous disorders of the head.


TAURUS: Hoarseness, throat problems due to nervous disorders, vocal disorders, convulsions during teething.


TWINS: pain in shoulders, arms and hands; bronchitis, defects in the respiratory organs.


MOON: Cramps, spasms, flatulence and digestive problems due to worry and anxiety. ,


LEO: Palpitations and spasms of the heart, pain in the spinal nerves.


VIRGO: Intestinal obstruction and colic, diarrhea, worms and intestinal irritation.


LIBRA: Urinary obstructions, kidney neuralgia.


SCORPIO: Neuralgia and generative organ disorders, suppression of catamenia in women.


SAGITTARIUS: nerves, sciatica, nervousness and weakness of the thighs.


CAPRICORN: Problems with rheumatism, gout, constipation and bowels due to worries and melancholy tendencies.


AQUARIUS: general weakness of the nervous system, cold feet, cramps, calluses and bunions.


FISH: cold feet, cramps, corns and bunions.