This sign represents the family, the family into which we were born and which helped us to incarnate and take the first steps towards the Father’s house. Water sign, dense and viscous water, sulfuric water, as it is called by Alchemy.

connection with the roots and with the family.

family affective need.

Regent Planet:

Astrological house:


Water. Water symbolizes the unconscious, the irrational, the chaos. It relates to the Feeling/Emotion Function: preservation, fertility, osmosis, sensitivity, psychic sphere, renewal, memories, and contains the deepest feelings that are at the root of our emotional security. Intense connection with heredity, origins. Childhood and its surroundings. The clan. Shelter. Uterus. Protection. The things necessary for survival.

Cancer Challenges:
Awaken tenderness, maternal love for everyone around you. The deep sense of care and protection, of unconditional love for those around us. Offering lap, affection, attention and giving security and foundation, especially to those who do not have the sense of union of what a true family is.