The Sun represents the Conscious, the human being’s capacity for perception and awareness. It represents how we become aware of the world around us and our sense of identity.

Assess which house is the position of your Sun, if you have your natal chart:

House 1: Brilliant and charismatic, a stubborn warrior who always needs to feel and see his struggles recognized by others.

House 2: Need to have, to have everything that aims in life. He doesn’t measure efforts to get what he wants and he needs a lot of material security.

House 3: Has very social characteristics, as it is an excellent communicator. Very gestural and charismatic, he needs to be always exchanging ideas and making contacts.

House 4: Very connected to the family. Values the relationship with their roots, where they maintain a dominant role.

House 5: It has a lot of joy in life, a lot of energy and a lot of health. Exuberant in costume and boastful by nature.

House 6: It is dedicated to concrete and organized tasks. You are aware of the need to live the present in a disciplined and organized way.

House 7: You need to associate and maintain constant relationships. You don’t know how to live alone.

House 8: He tends to always go into exile in order to radically change his life. Has a strong and critical temperament. Live the experiences of life with a lot of intensity.

House 9: Always looking for adventures and other places. Your world is wide and vast. You like to explore countries and cultures different from your own.

House 10: It needs to impose its prestige and its personality in a responsible and austere way. Very independent, needs to obtain an important social position.

House 11: This is the representation of a visionary. He can often appear to be an indomitable and rebellious person. You have a great sense of the world around you.

House 12: Has a latent and subjective inner strength. He always wants to transform himself, morally and spiritually. He is inclined towards solitude and seclusion, where he feels well and strengthened.