For centuries it has been said that Virgo has always been too critical, too intellectual, too rational, too involved in education, too involved in finding fault with others, and they emphasize petty deals rather than focusing on the main issues.

It seems to be true, these qualities are often part of the virginal character. In general, Virgos have a serious need to be appreciated and needed as they reach adulthood. They choose occupations that are necessary, that provide services to different groups, or tend to get involved in occupations where they are overworked and underpaid. They are a pleasure for employers because they often give more time to work than they are paid. Their problem starts when they start to encounter problems with everything and everyone around them. Your reason is simple: if I can find fault with you before you find fault with me, then everything is fine.

Children raised by critical parents will grow up to be critical adults. We get our basic behavior patterns from our parents. The attitudes we encounter as children are deposited in our subconscious very early in life. As we grow older and look within ourselves, we sometimes realize with amazement that we have become copies of one of our parents!

Virgo people want a real form of relationship, they need to sincerely devote themselves to the art of relating.

Perhaps the hardest thing to understand about Virgo is that it’s normal for them to criticize the people they care about, they criticize them when they care enough to criticize as best they can! However, they don’t take criticism very well because they are already a self-critical group, so they don’t want to hear suggestions from a partner.

When they realize they need to share their ideas and emotions with someone they care about, when they start to care enough about what their partner feels, when they can give up being self-defensive every time there’s a serious argument, then are on the way to having a good relationship.