Florals are subtle liquid extracts used to treat physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health issues, meaning they act on the Physical, Memory (Aura) and connecting with our Spiritual Self.

Treatment with flower essences mobilizes in us the awareness of our gifts and potentials, and works so that these gifts are manifested, unlocked and strengthened.

Florals act as catalysts for the process of being’s evolution, through the awareness and transformation of emotions and negative or destructive tendencies, unveiling possibilities of manifestation of inner life, generating health, well-being and showing us new, happier ways of living.

The use of flowers and plants in human treatment is very old. Research indicates that flowers were already used for this purpose before Christ.

The Australian aborigines ate the whole flower to get its effects, both the Egyptians, the Africans and the Malays already used them to treat emotional imbalances.

There are records that in the 16th century, Paracelsus already used flower essences to treat emotional imbalances in his patients.

Subtle florals are vibrational essences. They act on our energetic memory, bringing to awareness behavioral patterns that need to be transmuted. While they act on our “soul”, the floral compounds act on our body, providing the physical support necessary for the performance of the subtle floral essences, the essences help people to rediscover well-being, balance and comfort in the face of a variety of physical problems, emotional and spiritual.

Florals act on our body, memory (aura) and DNA, helping to minimize or even lead to a cure for various physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. habit changes, repetitive patterns, cleansing our DNA inheritance, chronic diseases, imbalances in our digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems, help us to provide a profound change because it has the power to act in our cells in a subtle way. There are many healing paths, for each person a new look is given, as each one of us carries our physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and baggage.

Flower Therapy is expanding all over the world. In Brazil, flower essences emerged in the 80s and intensified in the 90s, being considered food supplements.

Florals awaken the user’s potential and strengthen him so that he can deal with what causes suffering. In this way, the essences help people to rediscover well-being, balance and comfort in the face of a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

We only become free with deep self-knowledge and, for that, flower essences help us in a very peculiar way.

Of the nearly two thousand plants researched, Joel Aleixo chose 99 and with them developed his system made up of 308 subtle essences divided into 12 groups, 40 floral compounds in spray, a line of floral globules for children and another for animals.

Florals do not replace any type of allopathic treatment.