The act of developing self-love is the first healing path in search of the journey to oneself, recognizing ourselves as unique individual beings from the moment we start to look at ourselves without guilt, without criticism, looking from a point of our vulnerability that all we have a way to go very different from all the almost 8 billion people on this planet , self – love can be said to be the first step to any beginning of a work back to the journey to oneself , as it requires dedication and a deep look of forgiveness and acceptance.


The main factor is that there are no errors, only learning, each path taken that in our still limiting view we can classify as a life error, but if we look closely, there will be growth in every situation and it is from this point of view that we should start to change our look and create each experience as an opportunity for growth, leaving that point of duality that leaves us stuck for good or bad.


Self-love is an inner fire capable of taking us out of any destructive situation, it is the deepest act we can have with us, the desire to get out of the pit, the strength to fight a destructive relationship, or to seek help from a friend, eh an acknowledgment of being deserving, that you deserve to be happy and are at peace with yourself, from this intimate will your body is able to manufacture neurological impulses activating your hormonal system in the fight against sadness, or even depression.


The lack of self love leads us to abusive relationships because we think we are not enough, or that we will never find someone better or who wants us again, this is just a self sabotage of your mind due to the lack of believing in yourself, of believing in its power and unique strength, the work of self-knowledge takes us to the inner path of discovering the being, seeking to break patterns required by a sick society, family patterns, cultures. We are in the relentless search for labels to feel that we belong to something, to some group, something to associate with, without realizing that more and more we seek external appeals, we increasingly distance ourselves from what we see. It is not necessary to forget the world and try to live an isolated life, this is just an escape from the reality that surrounds us, but there is a great need for self-analysis, to really know who you are, what you like to do, with who do you like to spend your time, what musical style do you like to listen to and what subjects do you like to talk about, in this curiosity of the inner self and really knowing who you are, little by little by recognizing yourself you will gain enough power to know who you would like of being, what work would you like to do, and you begin to have a new look at life, but not a victimized look, but a looker’s look, aware of your actions and safe for the next steps to take, even though you know that this journey may have opportunities for growth and unknown paths, so fear is overcome.


Fear is the opposite feeling of love, that’s where our blocks come from, we live a life full of fear, we are terrified every day with news on television that make us afraid, we hear stories that make us afraid, and so we begin tuning us to lower frequencies and unconsciously attracting precisely that fear you were trying to escape, is the law of attraction, the universe works by codes, and many of our brain messages become frequencies picked up by universal waves. If we stop to think everything is an act of self-love, even in handling the control of our thoughts, not allowing the entry of destructive thoughts that prevent us from reaching deeper layers of existence to release illusory blocks that do not allow us to live a full and happy life.


Self love comes from a recognition of the important role you play in your own life and in the lives of others, self-love does not accept comparison or competition, when comparing and competing with other people you start to create destructive barriers of envy and jealousy. Envy leads us to non-acceptance of the other’s happiness due to a hidden admiration that you don’t know how to express, instead of feeling these destructive feelings try to use them as an inspiration, encouragement or starting point of what you would like to aspire in your life.


In many situations in the emptiness of the heart and in the relentless pursuit of self-acceptance, a strong feeling of lack is taken from us, without knowing what to do with this internal emptiness, we try to suppress with addictions, many of these addictions that can lead to a complete destruction of the being, such as drugs, alcohol, anorexia or relentless shopping needs, the famous shopaholic, in more severe situations like these, medical help is really necessary, because sometimes even with the desire to seek a cure, the person alone cannot.


We are just a reflection of our interior, the glow of your soul has a lot to do with the feelings you carry in your heart, we cannot disguise using an expensive bag or the latest fashion dress if our feelings and thoughts are still vibrating low , it’s no use trying to hide in front of a beautiful makeup or even a failed smile, if inside you there is a cry of your soul, this cry is just a cry for help back home, don’t let illnesses start to arise for back of self-love, no one else but you can do this, do not depend on others to do what just you can do, if you love yourself!