“Women are themselves a private world whose reality must not be lost sight of at any time.”

“Women can suffer from the same diseases as men, but their manifestations will always have a different particularity that corresponds to their differentiated monarchy.”

“The reality of the female body puts before us the fact that the philosophy and medicine we adopt for them must be completely different from that of men and the great world.”

“The physician should consider men and women in different ways, even if illness or death is the same for everyone.”

“Like a field and the seed of the tree, the Matrix has the elements in its special show. And just like earth, the fruits generated by it need the Sun, the moon, the stars and the universe around it, nothing develops in the Matrix without the collaboration of all these elements.”

In alchemy, women were treated differently from men. Alchemy considers that the woman has the capacity to be the channel where the spirit is transformed into flesh. Therefore, the physiology of your soul is not the same as that of man. It has an organ that opens onto two different planes: the plane of spirit and the plane of matter. This organ, which Alchemy calls the Matrix, manages all the creative power of women, both in relation to motherhood and the ecosystems that surround her.

The Matrix is not only related to motherhood but is completely related to procreation, every desire for creation and materialization comes from the Matrix, for example: desire to create projects and collective work, take care of animals and plants, have adopted children, care in general comes from direct connection to the matrix organ which is located in the crown chakra.

So being at peace with the Matrix doesn’t necessarily mean having kids, but raising in every way.

Paracelsus, in his alchemical work on the Matrix, calls attention to the care that must be taken in relation to this organ that manages life. The Matrix Treatise was a 100-page book dedicated to a profound understanding of the physiology of women. In it, Paracelsus explains that when God made the androgyne, he made his image and likeness; when the androgyne slept he took the Matrix out of him and separated him from it. From that moment on, man and woman, Adam and Eve, were born. God left man with the seed of the tree of life, but the responsibility for the divine gate would be handed over to his female part, which would carry the Matrix in her womb. The woman became the sacred land where the man would deposit his seed and, through the Matrix, the spirits could incarnate.

Paracelsus was the only alchemist to write about the Matrix, ahead of his time, in the 16th century. For Paracelsus, many female diseases came from this subtle organ that is totally invisible to the eyes of traditional medicine.

Abortion is one of the biggest problems in the Matrix. When a woman aborts a fetus, the Matrix goes through a strong imbalance. Alchemy does not judge the act of abortion. This issue involves many discussions about women, their culture, beliefs and the moment in which they live.

Post-abortion trauma can generate internal and external disturbances. Until the Matrix is treated, these disorders can become acute and last for a woman’s lifetime. Matrix alchemical flowers help women to heal these traumas.

The Matrix floral is the base remedy for all women of reproductive age, and its prescription is mandatory in cases of abortions, violence against women such as rape or sexual and emotional abuse, difficulty in getting pregnant, imbalance in the reproductive and hormonal system , irregular menstrual cycle, menopause or social and financial blockages, ranging from not being able to stabilize professionally to problems in relationships.

The floral Matrix of the Joel Aleixo line will enhance the feminine, creative strength and the woman’s beauty. May your essence manifest in an even more intense and brilliant way.